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Quote of the day

Comes from Katie, a senior:

"Orthodox Jews are kind of like. . .Amish, but with Blackberries."

Quote of the day

Lydia (freshman): There's a bicep, and a tricep! What's the cep and where is it?!?

Quote of the day

(four kids sitting at sewing machines)
Greer(Junior): Aww, I feel like I'm part of a sewing circle.
Becka(Freshman): Actually, it's a square.

Quote of the day

Michael (a senior): Can I just say that I love my job because I get to make fun of people I wouldn't normally get to make fun of?

Quote of the day

For today it's a joint venture:

Lydia (freshman): You know how birds do it, right? They run into each other in mid-air.

Katie (sophomore): Talk about a flying fuck.

PS, woohoo for closing day! I be a homeowner!!

Yeah, I did it again. So what?

I've been debating a wristband tattoo for about a year now. So, last night I was on my way to the grocery store and stopped at a tattoo shop I've been looking at for awhile, kinda spur of the moment. I hadn't even brought any ideas along, I had to stop at Staples to get color printing done. But. . .here's where it got me.

Quote of the day

More of an exchange today. . .
Jill(freshman):Don't look at me, I've got a job.
Michael(junior): I'm not so much looking at you as boring a hole through your soul.
Melissa(sophomore): I'm a boring hole
Everyone else in the room: *cracks up*

Quote of the day

"There are some shades of homosexual which I will never reach. That is one."

-Michael, a junior.
"At the end of all things, the blessed will say, 'We never lived anywhere but in heaven.'" --C.S. Lewis


A thing of such beauty must be called love.

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